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Fitting the Vangarde to your Van Home Store Fitting

Fitting the Vangarde to a Garage Door

Fitting of a pair of Vangarde plates is very straightforward, and should normally take around 30 - 45 minutes

for a van fitting, and around 15 minutes to an ‘up-and-over’ garage door, for someone with basic technical skills.

Some or all of he following tools may be required:-

Pencil Masking tape Centre punch / hammer (optional) Power drill 3mm or 4mm drill bit for pilot holes 11mm drill bit drill bit depth collar/s (optional) M8 Nutsert pulling tool Superglue or threadlock
Shipping £6.50 on all orders

For those that would prefer to have the Vangarde van security system professionally installed to their van,

please see our Fitters page, which details those offering Vangarde supply and fitting services around the UK.