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Fitting to a Garage Door

Fitting of a pair of Vangarde plates to an ‘up-and-over’ garage door is very straightforward, and should

normally take around 15 minutes for someone with basic technical skills.

The following tools will be required:-

Pencil Power drill 4mm drill bit for pilot holes 7.5 - 8mm drill bit 13mm socket or spanner Superglue or threadlock

There are significant advantages fitting a Vangarde plate to a garage door (assuming of course there is an

alternative entry/exit). Many garages are attached to the home and have a doorway into the property, and whilst

this is no doubt convenient, there is a significant disadvantage. Should a burglar manage to gain entry to the

garage, they are then free to work on the property’s side-door in seclusion, and possibly using tools stored within

the garage itself. Additionally, this makes it far easier to steal any vehicles kept in the garage. Therefore it makes

good sense to add extra security to any garage door, particularly when going away for extended periods such as

holidays etc.

Fitting the Vangarde to an ‘up-and-over’ garage door in most situations is very straightforward, though each

installation will be different depending on whether the door frame is wood, brick or metal. The Vangarde may

also be fitted to conventional outward-opening doors.

View the instructional fitting video below.

Shipping £6.50 on all orders

For those that would prefer to have the Vangarde van security system professionally installed,

please see our Fitters page, which details those offering Vangarde supply and fitting services around the UK.